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Raffle Donations Needed

Brookside Parents Club

Sep 20, 2022

Move-a-Thon needs YOUR help.
Parent Club is looking for some Brookside families to donate to the raffle pool. The more items, the more chances kids will have to win big.

Hello Brookside Families!

As you know, we are approaching our one-and-only fundraiser of the year – The Brookside Move-a-Thon. But we need your help NOW to collect raffle prizes.

What’s this all about?

As we reach key milestones in donation totals, we will add more prizes to our Move-a-Thon Raffle. The more money donated, the more opportunities each student has to hear their name called. Every student at Brookside will have their name entered into the raffle, regardless of donations. Again…. The more prizes, the more kids win.

How can YOU help?

We already have some amazing raffle prizes to be drawn, including scooters and museum tickets. But we’re still looking for some other fun items to build more excitement and encourage more donations!

If you have something to add to the raffle, we’d love to hear from you!

• Are you a photographer and can donate a family photo shoot? 📷

• Work at a local restaurant and can throw in a gift card? 🥑

• Or are you super crafty and want to donate an awesome gift basket? 🌼

• Share a season pass to a bay area team for a day? 🏈

• Caricature Artist? Kids would love their own sketch! 🎨

Anything you can give is a great way to reward the kids for all their hard work.

ME! Pick me! I have something to donate!

You do? Great!

Click HERE for the Google Doc & fill out the necessary information. Any more questions, reach out to any member of the Parent Club Move-a-thon Committee.

One more thing….

Remember Parent Club is a non-profit so….. (drum roll please).

All raffle prize donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE. Whoop whoop! Tax info is included in the donation form.

Thanks for listening & helping make Brookside PROUD.

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