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Snap, Scan & Share: Yearbook Memories

Brookside Parents Club

Sep 20, 2022

I spy with my little eye.... QR codes. And they're for you to use. Help the yearbook collect the best moments from 2022-23 school year by uploading your favorite snapshots.

Hello Brookside Families!

In previous years, we've always waited until the end of the school year to ask families to share their photos from field trips, class parties and campus events. But we all know how many photos we take now-a-days. So to simplify the process for everyone, we've created a system that will allow you to share your photos when you take them.

If you're still on campus, scan the QR code posted at your child's classroom.

But if you went home and forgot to scan the code -- fear not! Just go to the Yearbook QR page on our website and scan from there. You can find the direct link here, or select Yearbook under the program page.

Snap, Scan and Share! Make sure the yearbook captures all your child's best memories of Brookside.


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