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   Brookside MOVE-A-THON

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Donate Now!

100% of the proceeds go to the Brookside Parents Club to fund multiple projects throughout the year including The Garden, Poetry, Children 4 Change, The School Dance and more. It also provides for much needed classroom supplies, teacher & staff appreciation gifts, library resources and school equipment.

Raffle Prizes

What happens at the Move-a-Thon?

What does my donation fund?

Our goal for this year's Move-a-Thon is to raise $215 per student for a total of $65,000. The more money donated, the more raffle prizes get unlocked. Make sure to find your students pledge page at You can always make a general donation to Parents Club at the "Donate" link at the top of our website.

Throughout the fundraiser students will have multiple opportunties to celebrate their hard work. Awards include such items as class pizza parties when they reach a specific number of individual donations. Multiple raffle drawings will give all students a chance to win prizes like museum passes and restaurant gift cards. There will even be a chance to "pie" a teacher!

On March 22, 2024, the students will gather on the upper field for the Move-a-Thon finale! The field will be converted into a celebration track with bubbles, music and the Brookside Bear to lead them as they run, walk, skip, dance and demonstrate the determination and heart of a true Brookside Bear!

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